Pastor's Message.

How are you today? I have Good News for you today. Jesus Christ is alive, and He is in this place right now. He is still seated on the Mercy Seat to forgive anyone who calls on Him. Remember this; "There's no situation that can be too dead to hear God's Word." Lazarus in the grave for four days, still heard His Word and came out. There's hope for you today! If you can humble yourself and cry out to Jesus Christ.
God Loves you,

Pastor Emmanuel Mutangana

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International Worship conference with Terry MacAlmon
River City Church ISRAEL TOUR

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Homeless Ministry

Twice every month River City Church visits homeless shelters, in the Washington DC area to minister the word of God and bring hope to the hopeless.
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Prison Ministry

In 2017 River City Church will start the prison ministry, visiting various prisons where many have been denied access to the word of God yet they need it most
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Annual 4 th July picnic

Every 4 th July, we gather in Rock Creek park, along Military avenue, Washington DC. Music, dance, barbecue etc. We welcome you all
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